Peter Pan Philosophy

We believe in encouraging, exploration and discovery through our natural environment and the community that surrounds us.

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We believe in showing respect for our natural environment through nurturing and tendering. Caring for all good things hand in hand with mother nature will allow the opportunity for our world to grow and flourish.

All Children
Are Different

We believe that all children are different and develop at different paces. We will be sensitive to the needs of all children and encourage each child to naturally unfold their skills with guidance, encouragement and direction.

Natural Progression of
Learning through Play

We believe that children should direct the natural progression of learning through play. Children should be given the opportunities to explore, investigate, discover, create and problem solve. Through this we celebrate all children’s discoveries through meaningful documentation.

We believe that each preschool day opens up the opportunity to explore many teachable moments for every child and these opportunities are endless.

amongst Children

We believe in honouring the diversity amongst children and families and allow each other to share our gifts and cultures within the centre to educate the children and staff in different ways to explore cultural awareness amongst the families and the wider community.

the Original Owners of this Land

We believe in acknowledging the original owners of this land, the Dharawal people and their language and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the community.