Our Diploma / Early Childhood Teacher plans on a daily basis using a
curriculum called the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).
Developmental, School Readiness, Child and Family Interests are part of
the learning centres set up daily. These include:

  • Cognitive
  • Fine motor
  • Social / Emotional
  • Language
  • Literacy
  • Art and craft
  • Construction
  • Project work
  • Family holidays or places of interest
  • Child chosen activities.

The children are also involved in an active music and group discussion
time each day. Each week themes may emerge and a variety of activities
stem from this throughout the week. From this projects develop and these
could continue for a number of weeks. Please check our information board
where these are displayed. The current curriculum is hung near the
whiteboard. Feel free to look at this at anytime.


A wide variety of gross motor equipment is rotated and children are
encouraged to select activities of choice. These include items such as,
chalk drawing, dress ups, babies, strollers, cubby house, sandpit,
dinosaurs, blocks, ball games, slide, tea set, books, tennis bats, beanbag
toss just to name a few.


Each child is observed regularly to assess their learning and their
readiness for school. Trained teachers collect samples of their writing,
drawing and take photographs to document their progress. This information
is kept confidential and is presented to the family at the end of the year
in a collective portfolio / scrapbook. Areas include:

  • name writing
  • number and letter recognition
  • colour awareness
  • fine motor abilities
  • social groups
  • special events at preschool
  • craft
  • activities of interest.